English committee ★ Eurodram

Sarah Grochala, playwright, London

Committee :

Nina Brazier, stage director, Frankfort

Geraldine Brodie, translation and theatre academic, London

Anne-Marie Bucquet, translator (French), Paris

Samuel Buggeln, translator and director, New York

Fred Dalmasso, theatre academic and translator (French)

Melissa Dunne, theatre director and dramaturg, London

Margherita Laera, theatre academic and translator (Italian)

Bryce Lease, theatre academic

Sophie Magnaud, translator (French), Paris

Jonathan Meth, coordinator of The Fence, London

Nathalie Rivère de Carles, theatre academic, editor and translator (French), Toulouse

Hakan Silahsizoglu, actor and producer, London / Istanbul

Formerly :

Beverly Andrews, Nathalie Bassand, Allan Graubard, Dally Hakem, Philippe Le Moine, Natasha Mashkevich and Blandine Pélissier.