New membership

New membership process :

1 – The committee coordination gives to the overall coordination the name of the new member,  with a short presentation (one line) in the language of the committee and in English, and his/her mail address.

2 – The overall coordination confirms to the committee coordination that the address is well subscribed on the committee list (and well mentioned on the Eurodram website, if needed).

3 – The committee coordination translates in its language, completes and sends the message below on the committee list.


Dear Friends,
I am pleased to tell you that [member name] is a new member of the [language name] language committee of Eurodram.

Dear [member name],

Welcome aboard ! This is the e-group/collective address of the [language name] language committee.
All messages you will send to [address] will be forwarded to all members of this committee.
You will also receive your own messages, what means everything is working well.
Please reply to this message by introducing yourself, in [language name], to the others.

To remind you, you can find all explanations about :
– the network rules :
– the committees members :
– the committees selections :

I will inform you about last news in the committee and the network.
We will be happy to read the texts you will send us, and your comments from your readings.

With best regards,

[coordinator name],
[language name] language committee coordination.

P.S. to the committee coordinator : if any new member doesn’t introduce him/herself, please make sure he/she did receive this message – checking SPAM folder being the first thing to do in that case.