Palmares 2019 en anglais



During their 2018-2019 session, the Eurodram French Committee received 84 plays translated from 26 european languages. The Committee met on friday March 15 in the Maison des Auteurs Sacd (Paris) and it has been chosen to highlight these three plays  :

  • AMSTERDAM (אמסטרדם) by Maya Ayad-Yassur – translated from hebrew by Laurence Sendrowicz
  • NN12 (NN12)  by Gracia María Morales Ortiz – translated from spanish by Alice Bonnefoi
  • IL FAUDRAIT SORTIR LE CHIEN (Trebalo bi prošetati psa / Someone should walk the dog) by Tomislav Zajec – translated from BCMS by Karine Samardzija

These three plays have been selected to be recommended to the various actors from the french theatrical scene with a view to possible production or publication.

AMSTERDAM  Maya Ayad-Yassur – Laurence Sendrowicz

In Amsterdam, a young Israeli violonist discovers under the door of her flat a gas bill, addressed to the deceased former owner. Then begins for the young woman a kind of obstacle course during which she will try to understand why she should pay this bill. For 24 hours, she will be confronted with her status of foreigner, her jewish condition and the dark past of Holland during the Second World War.

NN12  Grazia María Morales Ortiz  – Alice Bonnefoi

A mass grave has been discovered after thirty years in a country that has experienced a bloody period of dictatorship and repression. A forensic investigation attempts to identify the twelve bodies that were exhumed there. Among them is the skeleton of a young woman baptized NN12. While the medical examiner studies her remains, the dead woman manifests herself, invisible to the other characters associated with the story she tells.

IL FAUDRAIT SORTIR LE CHIEN – Tomislav Zajec – Karine Samardzija

A man tells the story of a day in his existence. Is he dead ? Or just away from the world ? The man is a documentalist in a school. He lives alone with his dog. That day, he visits his father, an irascible old man, a renowned translator, who is about to receive a prestigious award for his work. In parallel, the man undertakes to reconnect with his former wife whom he left without explanation. She rebuilt her life since. And meanwhile, the dog is waiting for someone to take him for a walk.