Statutes workshop

There are two kinds of members : the committee members, who don’t vote, and coordinators, who vote.
If a committee is ruled by two coordinators, there is only one voice for the committee.
New membership in committees are ruled by coordinators.
All members are engaged to respect the rules of the network and its values of equity/fairness, cooperation, transparency, and linguistic diversity.

The GA is all coordinators (or someone representing the committee).
The GA elects the board, until the next GA ; can change name, object and statutes ; votes budgets & counts proposed by the treasurer ; can delete the NGO.

The board directs the NGO ; takes care of anything that is not in the duties of the GA ; can exclude a member ; create a new committee and agree about new coordinators ; decides about exceptions to the rules ; can go for a trial ; open a bank account ; decide to employ people ; has to register every member with name and address.

A coordinator must have fulfilled all main network duties (call, selection, promotion..) to be eligible to the board. Experienced members are also eligible to the board.
The maximum number of board members is one third of the total number of committees.
If someone is excluded or has to leave the board, the board can choose someone to replace him/her.

The board elects a president, a vice-p., a secretary/deputy, a vice-s./d., a treasurer, a vice-t., and a general coordinator.
It must be different people for each.

Decisions (in the GA or in the board) are taken by the majority of present or represented coordinators, and requires that 2/3 of the coordinators are present or represented.
It is possible to give a procuration if one can’t come to the GA or board meeting.
In case of equality the voice of the president makes the decision.
There is a public report of the meetings hold and the decisions taken, made by the secretary/deputy.
These reports are sent to all committees members by the coordination.

There must be a GA every year, and a board meeting at least once a year.
There can be an extraordinary GA or board meeting if 1/5 of coordinators asks for it.
Every member must be invited officially.
For any meeting or assembly an agenda must be prepared by the secretary/deputy.
Any proposal by 1/5 of members must be put on the agenda.